Cash Advances the Easy Way with EZ Money Check Cashing

Almost everyone has been in a tough situation when it comes to money. It can feel overwhelming if you are still days from your next payday and you need cash quickly for unexpected bills or expenses. EZ Money Check Cashing is here to help Waterloo residents with our cash advancement services. Also known as paycheck advances or payday loans, a cash advance could be the solution to your short-term financial needs. Get pre-approved for a cash advance fast by applying now!

What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is short-term non-collateralized loan intended to help make ends meet from one paycheck to another when unexpected expenses or larger-than-expected bills come up. The benefit of a cash advance is that you can pay bills on time without worrying about issues like late fees or service disruptions.

We understand that you are in an urgent situation, so our team works fast to ensure you get your cash advance quickly and easily.

Why Get a Cash Advance with EZ Money Check Cashing?

Our Waterloo cash advancement team at EZ Money Check Cashing makes the process simple for you. In most cases, we can approve your cash advance the same day you apply and send you on your way with cash in your pocket.

You will get the personalized attention you deserve with quick and friendly service. Our application process is simple, and our team is here to make sure you understand and are comfortable with every step.

How Do You Get a Cash Advance?

We work hard to make sure that getting a short-term cash loan in Waterloo and the surrounding areas is as easy as possible. The process starts with an application. It normally takes a few minutes to complete and requests some basic income and personal information which will help determine how much money you are able to receive. Loan amounts and fees vary by state so our team at EZ Money Check Cashing will help explain what you can expect.

How soon can you get a cash advance?

When you visit our EZ Money Check Cashing store the entire process from application to receiving your loan can be as quick as 15-30 minutes.

Get a head start with an Online Application to not only save time but to also learn if you have been pre-approved for a cash advancement in Waterloo.

Our online application process can be completed in just a few minutes. The information we require from you includes:

  • Valid identification
  • Personal information like phone number, address, and email address
  • Income information including pay frequency, net pay, and gross pay
  • An open and active checking account

We’re here to help make this easy. If you have any questions about our cash advances or our online application, please contact our short-term cash loan advisors in Waterloo today.

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