Sell Your Gift Cards for Cash with EZ Money

Not excited about that gift card you received for Christmas? Got a bunch of gift cards for your birthday that you’re never going to use and don't know what to do with them? We have good news! You can sell your unwanted or unused gift cards to EZ Money and free up extra space in your wallet to turn them into quick cash! 

Come into any EZ Money location to take advantage of our gift card exchange. All you need to do is take a few minutes to clean out your wallet or purse and bring us your unwanted gift cards!

Exchange Your Unused Gift Cards for Cash

According to Marketwatch, experts estimated that $750 million in gift card money went unused in 2014 alone. This number continues to increase every year, which means money is literally just sitting around not being used!

It can get tricky keeping track of multiple gift cards that have smaller balances on them. Over time, these balances will add up. Why let them sit and go unused when you can turn them into cash? This is where EZ Money gift card exchange comes in!

Get Quick Cash

There’s no sense in wasting wallet space on gift cards you’ll never use. Luckily there’s an option for you to turn them into quick cash.

As many Americans either forget or choose not to use all of their gift cards, there is a lot of wasted money not being used.

It’s understandable how this waste occurs as it often stems from one of the following situations:

  • You make one large purchase with gift cards and forget about the small balances that add up.
  • You habitually use your debit/credit cards for purchases and don’t think to pull out the gift card until after the purchase was made.
  • You avoid using gift cards without ready knowledge of their balances.

How Does Gift Card Exchange Work?

It’s a simple process. Stop into any EZ Money location and we’ll get you out the door quickly with cash in hand!

Simply bring in your unwanted gift cards and we’ll evaluate the amounts to give you a fair price. No balance is too small. Take a quick minute to sort through your wallet and bring in any unwanted gift cards to any EZ Money location to turn them into cash!

How to Sell Your Gift Cards

To take advantage of our gift card exchange, simply follow these steps:

  • Bring your gift card(s) and ID
  • Meet with an EZ Money representative to review our offer
  • Get cash in your pocket!

What Gift Cards do We Accept?

We accept most gift cards and are able to send you on your way quickly with extra cash in hand. For specific gift card exchange details, visit your local EZ Money location and ask a representative for more details.

Many satisfied customers are relieved once they come into EZ Money to get rid of their unwanted gift cards and walk out the door with cash. If your gift cards are piling up, stop into any location!

Why Choose EZ Money

Rely on EZ Money for quick and efficient service. We realize everyone has busy schedules, which is why we work quickly to get you on your way.

Every customer who comes in has a unique situation, and not every solution work for each customer. You’re not just another customer when you walk in our doors. We’ll work closely with you to find the best possible solution that’s right for you.

No matter what services you’re using with us, you’ll always have peace of mind working with our friendly, personable staff.

We understand that everyone has busy schedules, which is why we work quickly to process your gift card exchange as efficiently as possible. Contact us today for more gift card exchange information.

Fast, Friendly Service - Stop By Today to Turn Your Unused Gift Cards into Cold, Hard Cash!